Ulfen Nostromo
Vital statistics
Race Human
Location Ölengrad
Age 53 (b. 9961)
Status Living
House Affiliation None
Title Mammoth of the Mountain
Parent Petyr Nostromo, Espura Foxfur
Spouse None
Children Gregory Nostromo
Physical attributes
Height 7'0"
Weight 350 lbs

Ulfen Nostromo is a member of House Nostromo, Lord of Ölengrad and Mammoth of the Mountains. Ulfen Nostromo father of Gregory Nostromo and father-in-law to Christine Demarin.

History Edit

Ulfen was born in 9961 AL during the Long Winter to Petyr and Espura Nostromo. He ascended to the Ivory Throne in 9982 AL after the death of his father. Gregory Nostromo was born 9991 AL, and after the birth of his son, Ulfen Nostromo forged a secret pact with Mithias Demarin to marry their children and cement an alliance for an upcoming war against House Easter. However, after Demarin's Folly, and the fall of the Night Tower, this alliance was thought lost.

Cold Iron Wars Edit

Ulfen lead his people in aid of the Dwarves to aid their struggle against the fey during the Cold Iron War, despite heavy losses.


Upon hearing of Christine's return to power. Ulfen devised to continue the alliance and marry her to his son. He attended the wedding of Christine and Geregory.