Elves, or as they call themselves The People, are a race within the Strip and populated the once-great Imperium that stretched across the region. After losing their immortality, an event known as The Fall, the elves retreated to their island nation (the Homeland) letting their greater reaches of power crumble and dissolve.

History Edit

Elves were special. They watched as other creatures grew old and died while they stayed young. They had time that other races did not to build art, culture, and civilization. They fought giants and not only pushed them back, but beat them down. Elves were the pinnacle of civilization, and they took it to heart, building a great Empirium spanning several continents.

The Fall Edit

Something changed, however, and ten thousand years ago, the king of the elves, Jaqutavius the Giant Slayer, died of old age. Soon, other elves began to die too and it became clear that they had lost their greatest advantage: they were mortal.

Culture Edit

Onisterra & Terratotem Edit

With no obvious solution, the elves withdrew. Soon two camps formed within the Empirium: those that believe that only a return to nature could elevate them once again (Terratotem), and those who are actively trying to solve their problem with science (Onisterra).

Onisterra Edit

Onisterran (or Empirialists) worship two trios of Gods representing powerful symbols in the culture of the people.  Lux (Light),  Tenebrae (Darkness), which together become Lunam (The Moon), in addition to Magusars (Magic), Manusars (Crafting), together creating Victoria (Victory).

Terratotem Edit

Terratotem (held by Spiritualist Elves) is the belief amongst many that their Fall is a result of a lost connection to the natural order of the world and that only a return to a simpler way of life can return them to immortality. Terratotemists live almost exclusively on The Homeland, striving for peace and tranquility, many taking up druidic or monastic lifestyles. They wear long single cloths wrapped around their bodies in a robe, representing the weave of the multiverse and its interconnectedness.

Hair and Status Edit

The People's hair stops growing around the time they reach maturity. Because of this, Elves rarely cut their hair, and having one’s hair trimmed short is actually sign of disgrace or enslavement. Their hair can be any color, but most often white, brown, or gold.