The Lost are humans afflicted with severe Night Sickness, who actively roam the wild as sub-human creatures. Crazed victim's often have an uneasy twitch to their movements as they prowl the night with eyes of a moonlit opalescent glow. After their mind is gone, what remains are simple animalistic tendencies. While rarely attacking humans on their own, displaying skittish, almost fox-like behavior, The Lost have attacked and killed groups of people in packs. It's believed attacking humans is a territorial defense mechanism, and not for food, as they seem to prefer eating cattle and sheep.

These creatures are highly sensitive to light, often fleeing at so much as the sight of an oil lamp. As none have yet to be seen during the day, they're believed to take refuge in caves or dens until nightfall.

Little else is known about them, save for their increased boldness in encroaching on inhabited land as their population continues to grow with more townsfolk taken by The Darkness each week.