The Homeland
The Homeland, Isle of Azalea, and the Last Colony
Vital statistics
Biome Jungle
Location Heart of the Imperium
Inhabitants Elves

The Homeland is a kingdom of the Elves ruled formerly by Jaqutavius Infectorium'gigas and now loosely ruled by the Council of Shadows. It consists of three main holdings: The Homeland, the Isle of Azalea, and the Last Colony.

The Homeland Edit

The Homeland, once a massive, island-wide city, is now a collection of surviving towns, cities and holdouts, separated by ruined urban sprawl that has been reclaimed by the jungle, but linked by the few portals still active within the Nexus Centralis.

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Isle of Azalea Edit

North of the Homeland proper, lies the Isle of Azalea, a less populated, but strategic Elven holding, through which most inter-continental trade is done.

Timeline Edit

Year of the Imperial Calendar The Homeland
-8000 QAElves emerge from the Underdark, and are blessed by the light of Lunam
-7000 QAThe Giant Empire invades the Homeland, landing on the eastern beaches, attempting to enslave the Elven people. This begins the Giant Wars, the first major loss of Elven Life
-6900 QAThe Giant Wars end after the Elves push back the Giants and invade Giant territory. Jaquetavius Giant-Slayer kills the Giant King.
-6000 QAJaquetavius is Crowned King of the Elves; hold the first Moonberry Festival, celebrating their victory.
-5500 QAElven Emperium founded in the Homeland
-4900 QAElven Imperium Spreads to Aeron; City of Lunurbs is founded in western Sherry.
1 ALJaquetavius, King of the Elves, dies of natural causes, marking the first time in elven history an elf has died of age.
194 ALArx Gnoscere is founded and the The Diatribica Teritum is established in response to the fall.
400 ALThe Shadow Strategy is implimented by the Elves to continue research projects lasting more than one lifetime.
500 ALTransmada'von Tarteric'velarius I dies
1100 ALThe last of the Elves born before the fall dies. This generation is known as the Fallen Generation, followed by the First of the Sacrificed generations.
1820 ALElves depart their last colonies in Sherry, ending the Imperium Populi
2014 ALTransmada'von Tarteric'velarius XIII revives the moon Goddess Lunam; The light of the Great Moon Pyramid is relit