Vital statistics
Type Living Wood Staff
Effects Druidic Focus
Source Crafted by Duarbores Nitere'Uni (Nit)
Cost to buy N/A
Cost to sell N/A

Origin Edit

This staff was gifted to Crescere on the conclusion of his Joining Ceremony. It was grown, presumably with magical aid, by Duarbores Nitere'Uni sometime during their courtship. Little is known about how she managed this task and the the amount of magic in the staff. It has everbloom flowers adorning it and appears to have been grown specifically to become a staff, which slightly differs from the usual tradition of carving them from a tree. It also has a greenwood moon pendant in the center, which the purpose of is also unknown.

Tacit and Cres Edit

Cres always treasured the gift, but it was not until he lost Nitere that the staff wore an imprint in his clothing. He always carries it in his hand or wears it on his back. In the last half century, no elf recalls seeing Cres without "Tacit." It is not clear whether Nitere or Cres named the staff, but most elves assume that Cres named it during his long quiet seclusion.