A sandy-white glittery powder that induces petrification. While not a poison in the traditional sense due to the ability to cure petrification within a short time frame, it's been used by assassins for centuries.

Stiffilis powder is slow-acting; even a heavy dose may take up to 12 hours to fully petrify a human-sized creature, but it's danger comes from its potency in minute doses, for even a pinch of the powder absorbed through the skin may lead to long-term petrification over a period of weeks, or even months. This makes it both a useful poison and dangerous to its own users.

Alternative Uses Edit

-Stiffilis powder was traditionally used for the manufacture of gargoyles in place of stone carvings, using live imps, owls, and similar small creatures. The advent of improved stoneworking tools and the dangers of stiffilis powder made these old methods unpopular, except for regions where the powder is readily available.

-The Aeon cult leader Ufress Undar made high claims he could travel forward in time hundreds of years via petrification and subsequently curing it using a rare red Nodish flower. Ufress and a hundred of his followers ingested a stiffilis solution in celebration, with appointed guardians to restore them in the future. Sixty years later, long before the guardians were to awake them, it was discovered that petrification can only be cured within days of it fully setting.