Overview Edit

During the Conquering of Aero, Carmél armies surrounded Raventop, a stronghold held by House Raven. The siege lasted a total of four months, before the Raven armies fell to Carmél forces, suffering major losses. Tales of the battle place the bard Elysian in Raventop during the siege.

Elysian and Oh Sherrywine Edit

The predominant image of the Siege of Raventop features Elysian in the tower at the time of the attack. Trapped inside, Elysian stayed with the Ravens, and when it was announced that Carmél forces would attack in the morning, moral reached the lowest point possible, with large portions of the Raven force openly discussing surrender and turning on those inside, including the Raven noble women and children. To rally the cause, Elysian, a Sherryman, sang a traditional folk song of his home Oh Sherrywine, to rally the troops and inspire them to a last stand.

Now stationed among the battlements, Elysian and Raven forces defended the castle for fifteen hours in a valiant last stand. Eyewitness of the event claimed to have hear the entire castle singing Oh Sherrywine, the echoes traveling all through the canyon.

Aftermath Edit

After the fall of Raventop, and with a very defensible castle to operate from, Carmél declared Raventop his capital and continued his march north from that site.