Shang Tok
Vital statistics
Race Human
Location Nod
Age 48
Status Deceased
House Affiliation None
Title Kay' (Lord or General)
Parent Unknown
Spouse None
Children Shang Yungzi
Physical attributes
Height 5'9"
Weight 180 lbs

Kay'Shang Tok is a Nodish Dragon Spice merchant and father of Shang Yungzi.

History Edit

The greatest purveyor of Dragon Spice on the Strip, Shang Tok is one of the wealthiest men in the Imperium Reach, his individual wealth rivaling that of kings and lords.

He purchased his land at very low cost, and attempted to grow Dragon Spice, despite its reputation as being notoriously hard to grow. Miraculously, the spice grew, and Tok was quickly able to start selling Dragon Spice all across the region, making him very wealthy in the process.

Claireon Johns Edit

While in Sherryton, his daughter, Shang Yungzi, began cavorting with Maraish bard Clairieon Johns. After learning of Clairieon's lycanthropic affliction, Tok attempted to frame Clarieon for both murder and sexual relations with a slave woman, ruining him in the eyes of his daughter.


After Yungzi fell ill with petrification sickness, Tok sent heroes to capture the Basilisk Rose to cure her. Yungzi, however refused to accept treatment from anyone other than her "lost love," Clarieon. Tok kidnapped Clarieon and his known companions, bringing them to Ceraxis to claim the rose and save his daughter.

Tok claimed to have important information for Christine Demarin, and claimed he would help her after she helped Clarieon save his daughter.

After his daughter was saved, Tok took the party to Nod, preparing their passage to Aeron and securing their payment requests.

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Tok was killed by his daughter Shang Yungzi during the chaos of Osulax's attack during the Festival of Love. As he lay dying, he gave Christine a elvish rod bearing the inscription "True Appearance" and wrote "Easter" in his own blood on the floor.