Schaufelstadt is the coastal capital of West Thullaria, located in the Valberg province, bordering the High Sea in a valley expanse protected by the Rückenstahl mountains.  Officially founded in 10030 AL following the failed Great Inner Expedition of 10027, where fifty ships carrying two-thousand men commanded by Captain Rasper Hawkborne were lost attempting to traverse the inner ring nearly 2,500 years ago.  Once a rural farming region of 2000 inhabitants, by the launch of the Great Inner Expedition its metropolitan population had grown to nearly 35,000 to support the construction of ships and gathering of supplies for the expeditionary force.  The staging location was chosen for its proximity to the North Winds, able to quickly carry sailing ships across Mobius' twist.  In the years following the expedition, a subculture developed around the signature tool of the expedition's leader.  The arc, the shape forming a shovel blade, was adopted by followers as a symbol of the everyman, the worker.  This in turn lead to changes in Valberg culture as a whole, forming into a progressive democratic society.  Historians attribute this cultural shift to the resulting Thullarian Civil War, the Freiheitkraft Resolution, and the founding of the Arc Initiate.