The "Lawmaker"

The iconic weapon that brought many a criminal to their knees in the early days of Marinton's rebuilding under the Master of Law Rasper Hawkborne was later replaced with a forged Noddish steel shovel in the city of Nod.

Rasper uses a back-mounted leather scabbard to store the shovel when not in use. 

The Original Shovel (Season 1) Edit

Rasper's first crafted shovel was custom built by an Easterton weapon smith when Rasper was working as a soldier for the Black Arrow Syndicate in his early 30's. It's oak core handle is reinforced with riveted wrought iron siding that spans the length of the handle, terminating in a double-thick forged shovel blade. It's use by Rasper during his city overwatch as Marinton's Master of Law led to the weapon's nicknames "Peacemaker" or more commonly, "Lawmaker".

The Famed Shovel (Season 2) Edit

While cast abroad in the continent of Ceraxis, the weapon later featured in paintings of Rasper and the Five Heroes, historically referred to as "The Shovel", was crafted in the city of Nod by a Noddish steel smith slave. Smelted from a Noddish steel longsword and combined with a Fwrel wood handle, it was perhaps the finest shovel ever made. A prominent weapon in the adventures of the heroes, many cite its existence and later use to save countless lives as argument for the ends justifying the means and few suffering for the greater good.

Notable AlterationsEdit

After Clarion's transformation, Rasper had good reason to acquire a silver weapon.  During the adventurer's stop in Easterton to visit the Lord, Rasper paid a well renowned blacksmith to silver the edge of the shovel blade, giving it its signature shimmering edge