Of all the infinite universes that exist in the Threshold multiverse, the Ken's Steakhouse Buttermilk Ranch Timeline is widely considered the darkest of all timelines, even worse than the Pizzaverse, in which all lifeforms are pizza.


Ken's Steakhouse Buttermilk Ranch, as seen in the Ranch Timeline

Ranch Timeline Zero-Point Edit

The divergence point of universes began long ago, sometime in the ninth millennium, when High Mage Aldar Yyresthian kicked a pebble off the cobblestone path while walking between the temple and his dormitory. In a moment of unlikely improbability--as these events often occur, on its third hop across the path, the stone bounced to the right instead of the left. Though an endless, inconceivable thread of cause and effect, the Ranch Timeline was born.

Notable differences in the Ranch Timeline Edit

-Marinton's lands are not gifted back to Christine

-Rasper never joins the party; he and Garais are close friends after the Black Arrow Syndicate coup

-Clarion leads a band of werewolves beyond the swamps of Marais

-Damian Morningstar becomes the greatest thief in the world

-Bullywugs are not present or featured

-Mayor Priss is never kidnapped and replaced by a bullywug

Campaign: Threshold: Ranch Timeline Edit