Orcix Lands
Vital statistics
Biome Plains
Location Lower Ceraxis
Inhabitants Orcs

Overview Edit

Consisting of near-constant waring bands of orcs, the Orcix lands are a general name given to the tribes of Orcs living on the Orcix peninsula, located south of Lower Gigaplax, and north of the Broken Kingdoms.

Orcix Culture Edit

Orcix (OAR-kish) culture is dominated by strength, particularly strength in battle. Orcs have few great cities because of the constant shifting and rehashing of tribal lines. Rather, large tribes or family camps act as cities, although finding one of these cities can be rare. Orcs make war on horse or wargback and can ride faster and longer than any other race.

Warglords Edit

Sometimes several bands will unite under a great commander and a Orix Warglord is created. With great strength at his or her disposal, these Warglords can raid Gigaplaxian lands, doing great damage to human territory. It is for this reason that a Warglord's prophesied birth is always taken seriously by Ceraxian humans.

The Great Warglord Edit

Orix legends tell of the Great Warglord who will bring a new age of strength to the Orix people. It is said he will be born of ink and flame and bring about the fall of Gigaplax for the Orix.

Blood Magic (The Art) Edit

Far different from the magic of The People, Orix Bloodmagic is erratic and unpredictable, coming from the power within one's self rather than meticulous study. Called "the Art" in Orix tongues, Blood magic is highly prized amongst Orix people, and greatly feared by Humans and Elves. Tori Osulax is said to be the greatest Bloodmage who ever lived.

Curent Wargbands Edit

Gruxia Edit

Lead by Warglord Spearthrower. His daughter is highly prized and of marrying age.

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