Oh Sherrywine is a popular Sherry folk song written about the Sherrywine River, made popular by the folk-hero Elysian's last stand during the Battle of Raventop. The song's author is unknown and likely has been changed over generations.

Lyrics Edit

Oh Sherrywine, I long to see you

rolling through the hills, instead of through my mind.

Oh Sherrywine, I long to swim you,

your water cool to pass my ails behind.


Oh Sherrywine, your waters wide and flowing,

Oh Sherrywine, your journey to the sea,

Oh Sherrywine, so clear and always glowing

Oh Sherrywine, return my love to me.

In my youth, I knew a girl:

sweet as honey, she was mine.

Her father’s wrath I brought upon me

When I kiss that girl beside the Sherrywine


I took a boat from Sherryton to Aero,

Her sire accused me of a crime,

I ran away from sweet and stolen kisses

I ran away from love and Sherrywine

Chorus x2

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