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Myrthn Herne
Myrthn Herne
Vital statistics
Race Drow
Location Dwarven Tunnels
Age 21
Status Unknown
House Affiliation None
Title Comander
Parent Unknown
Spouse Unmarried
Children None he knows of
Physical attributes
Height 5'6"
Weight 160

When he was very young Myrthn sneaked away from his home and followed the Drow Warriors on a raid, watching from the darkness as his people killed innocents and stole from the humans.

He was knocked unconscious and woke up in the care of "Mr. Hawkins" a tough Human who had kidnapped urchins off the street, and trained them as thieves to steal for him. Hawkins was a cruel man, and when he found out Myrthn was skimming off the top to save money, a fight broke out. Myrthn broke Hawkins' neck and was free to live his own life. He took his nest egg and left the thieves den and was able to buy a small shack near the town.He spent his time farming a small patch and drinking at the local tavern. He was barely tolerated there, the only thing that kept the bartender from turning the locals on him was his gold.

One night a drunk was hassling a serving girl and it turned into the man nearly trying to force himself on the lady. He fought the man and killed him with the man's own dagger. He was offered a choice, hang for murder or join the fight against the Fae. He was enlisted that day.

He started his time in the army as a meatsheild unarmed and wit a short sword, he rallied the other criminals and some how kept them alive, after several engagements with the Fae he was one of the few men from the jail left. He saw a young Dwarf Captain in trouble and saved his life. The Captain ,Oldean Pinefrost, promoted Myrthn to private where he was given proper weapons and armor. He proved a competent fighter and soon rose through the ranks. He left his current company with orders to report for a mission as Commander. He wants nothing more than to seal the Fae away forever so he can go home.

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