Vital statistics
Race Human
Location Muh Shü
Age 89
Status Deceased
House Affiliation None
Title First Human Wizard
Parent Unknown
Spouse None
Children None
Physical attributes
Height 5'6
Weight 140 lbs

Mernix was the first human to demonstrate magical ability and potential to become a wizard. He left his home in Muh Shü and was taken to the Academy in the Homeland.

Prophesy Edit

Mernix is famed for prophesying the birth of Ah Dahm following some of his early courses in divination. Mernix, gazing into a clear pool, wrote down the following prophesy:

"In the Time of Screams, a child will be born. His mother will be untouched; his father will be fire. He will be the flame that ignites the world and his herald will be stars and steel."

Although not named in the prophecy, most accept this to be the birth of Ah Dahm in the city of Nod.