Dagwell Bouldin
Vital statistics
Race Dwarf
Location Eisenschmide
Age Unknown
Status Alive
House Affiliation None
Title Headmaster of Master Dag's School of Axery
Parent Unknown
Spouse None
Children None
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Dagwell Bouldin (known more commonly as "Master Dag") is a Dwarf warrior who's skill with a greataxe is unmatched. Though he was never properly trained as a soldier, legends say that when Master Dag first picked up a greataxe, he never let it go--the greataxe becoming an extension of his body and mind... So much so, that many claim to have seen him talking to his greataxe as if it was an old friend. He practically grew up in the Dwarven combat arenas, becoming a champion in duel and free-for-all tournaments so often that only the most die-hard Dag fans have managed to keep count.

The Master Dag School of Axery Edit

After a few hundred years of spilling blood in tournaments, leading troops into victorious battles, and perfecting the Dag Wild Whirwind spin move, Master Dag decided to seek a life of peace. He spent some time living alone on the surface, meditating about the lives (and limbs) he had taken. After several years of his simple surface life, Dag returned to the Dwarven underworld to form the first combat school of its kind: The Master Dag School of Axery. Here, any race is free to learn Master Dag's perfected greataxe combat--as well as study many other forms of melee combat. The school's students, known as "Daggers," range from young Dwarves hoping to be like Dag to mages and wizards looking to become more well-rounded in close-quarter combat. The school is known around the world, and if someone hasn't heard of Dagwell Bouldin, they've definitely heard of The Master Dag School of Axery.

Gräbar Expedition Edit

Master Dag was a member of the Gräbar Expedition sent my the Goldgrübe Mining Company to investigate the disappearance of Dwarven miners. It was partly the actions of this expedition that began the Cold Iron Wars.

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