The Night Tower by Josh Shapiro
Marinton Region
The Fanged Coast Region
Vital statistics
Biome Temperate
Location Aero
Inhabitants Humans, Bullywug

Overview Edit

Marinton is a city in eastern Aero along the Fanged Coast, overlooking Blue Ray Bay. It is home to The Night Tower and is the chief seat of house Demarin. Marinton is currently ruled by Christine and Gregory Nostromo. It's fealty is contested.

History Edit

Marinton was founded after the construction of The Night Tower by a family that would become known as Demarin. Eventually the Demarin family swore fealty to the Aero family, and then to the Easter family, following The War of the Wood. Marinton was crucial in The War of Wood and Snow, stopping the Nostromo army's campaign down the Fanged Coast. The city was mostly abandoned following Demarin's Folly and the destruction of The Night Tower.


Season 1 Edit

Transmadavon Tartericvelarius XII (Davon), hired the party to escort him through Marinton, where he was killed by the Sons of the Shipwreck. Christine Demarin, Rasper Hawkborne, Jaime Something, and Clarion Johns, along with help from Virgi Bacon, broke up the Sons of the Shipwreck by killing their leader, Virgil Bacon.

Next, Christine, in order to face her demons, entered the ruins of The Night Tower and destroyed a shadowy figure that had appeared to be summoned around the time of Demarin's Folly.

The following day, Transmadavon Tar'tericvelarius XIII (Vel) arrived, giving his former teacher a proper burial, before leaving for Easterton.

The party later returned to use Marinton as a port, hitching a ride with "Two Shots", a notorious pirate, to Ölengrad.

After being held hostage by Garais Fletcher, Christine appointed Rasper Hawkborne as Master of Law, and Jaime Something as Chief Advisor.

Season 2 Edit

Christine, Rasper, and Jaime were kidnapped from Marinton by Shang Tok, who forced them to save his daughter, Shang Yungzi. When they returned, Christine stripped Rasper of his Sheriff duties, giving them to Kristoff Bullywug. They found Marinton mostly intact, but a squad of devils had accidentally plane shifted into a temple of Ah Dham. It was revealed that there was an oncoming army of devils lead by the rakshasa Kumbhakarna, and the party soon left to confront Easter.

Season 3 Edit

When Christine returned to Marinton by way of the Nexus Centralis, she found that Kristoff had formed an elite fighting group, called the Hawkborne Rangers, and that they had been ravaging the countryside, under the influence of a devil. The party despatched the rangers, freeing them from the devil's control.

The following evening, in celebration, a party was held during which Jaime's anger allowed a powerful devil to inhabit a suit of armor, putting a hole in the roof of the great hall. The party was able to destroy the devil.

Vel, Darius, and Jaime left the following morning for Espurvauld, while Christine, Rasper, and Clarion left with Gregory Nostromo for Ölengrad.

Notable Locations Edit

The Weeping Trout - an inn and pub, run by a woman named Thelma.