Marais is a region of the Kingdom of Carmél, west of Aero, northwest of Sherry, and south of Neavaux.

Marais in Black
Vital statistics
Biome Swamp/Forest
Location Southern Aeron
Inhabitants Humans, Bullywugs, some Elves and Half-Elves

Historically, Marais has been a collection of feuding tribes, but has had briefly had periods of unification. The Maraish people are warm, musical, and slow to anger, although once angered, can also be slow to forgiveness.

It is ruled by the Sylvant clan from Marycageville.

Geography Edit

Marais consists mostly of swampland and forest. This will get expanded once more is decided.

Culture Edit

Dress Edit

Maraish dress is radically different than that of other Aeron regions in that Maraish men and women wear the same kilts and dress more similarly to each other. Each clan has a particular pattern of fabric rather than a coat of arms that identifies them to other Maraish.

Music Edit

Maraish music can be best described as a combination of American Folk, Bluegrass, and Scottish Bagpipe, with the banjo, bagpipes, fiddle, playing heavily into their unique sound.

Celebrations Edit

Maraish celebrations are varied and quirky, often involving little stories explaining the event.

Fair-Day Goose Edit

After a talking goose, disguised as a man, out-riddled almost everyone in town, a mysterious stranger tricked the goose into revealing his true identity by posing a riddle that could only be answered by the revelation. The goose was cooked up with pickle brine and served to the town to feast. This tale is remembered by a goose served over a telling of riddles, with the winner receiving the choicest of cuts from the bird, or a prize.