Mürish Gräbar
Dual Pickaxes
Vital statistics
Race Dwarf
Location Unknown, last seen in the Deep Tunnels
Age 257
Status Unknown, presumed dead
House Affiliation None
Title None
Parent Unknown
Spouse None
Children None
Physical attributes
Height 3'9"
Weight 197

Mürish Gräbar was a crew chief and famed subterranean explorer in the employ of Goldgrüb Mining in the years preceding the start of the Cold Iron Wars the Company's representative on the ill-fated search for their missing miners that would become known as the Gräbar Expedition.

A gruff fellow even by dwarven standards, Mürish nonetheless had a reputation for fiercely looking after those under his charge.  His ability to tunnel at amazing speeds with his signature dual war-picks is still legendary among the miners of Goldgrüb, as are the rages he would fly into when interrupted or when one of his 'boys' was threatened.

Gräbar's current whereabouts are unknown. However, if the account given by surviving expedition member Dagwell Bouldin is to be believed, his fate in the tunnels was a grim one.