Lethos of Crey
Vital statistics
Race Human
Location Eisenschmide
Age 27
Status Unknown
House Affiliation None
Title None
Parent Unknown
Spouse None
Children None
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Biography Edit

Lethos grew up in a small farming community away from Ölengrad. He was always a deep thinker and spent most of his time alone in the wheat fields, there he learned that he had a deep connection with the natural world, and soon learned to communicate with the animals. As the seasons passed, he learned deep respect for the sun. His life was far to the north and the sun would only visit him during the times of summer. As he watch the years pass, he soon learned that the sun was the center of a great wheel of balance and that it was worth of his worship. At around the age of 16, he was contacted in a vision. A elf-like creature with bark skin told him that a great evil would soon be released upon the world. She instructed him to leave his small home and travel north to the capital where he would be admitted into the church of Pelor. It was then his duty to restore the balance by bringing the light to home of the dwarves that would soon fall into darkness. When he awoke form his vision he was holding an iron holy symbol. Not sure what to do next, he set out for Ölengrad the next morning.

Later that year, he was a member of the church. The holy symbol he presented held special meaning to the elders of the order. To this day, he does not know what the holy symbol means, but he keeps it close as a reminder that he was given a quest. After ten long years of training the foretold event came to pass. the homes of the dwarves were overrun with foul monsters. The elder help a special meeting and told him to gather his things, the time of his quest was neigh. with a heavy heart and iron determination he strode off to meet his destiny head on.