Kristoff Bullywug
Vital statistics
Race Bullywug
Location Marinton
Age Unknown
Status Living
House Affiliation None
Title Deupty Master of Law
Parent Unknown
Spouse None
Physical attributes
Height 5'0"
Weight 140 lbs

Kristoff[1] Bullywug is Deputy Master of Law in Marinton, and friend to Rasper Hawkborne, Christine Nostromo, Gregory Nostromo, and Jaime Something.

History Edit

Kristoff was charged with delivering the Light of the Night Tower to Ölengrad for the Nostromo/Demarin Wedding in 10,014 AL, and was present during the proceedings and subsequent melee. His sword was lent to Rasper Hawkborne during his second encounter with The Procurer. Following the wedding, Kristoff accompanied the party to Marinton and fought in the battle against Garais Fletcher. He remained in Marinton, helping rebuild the community, eventually being appointed Deputy Master of Law by then Lord Commander Hawkborne, acting as his assistant and partner in law-enforcement.

Personality Edit

Kristoff can come across as naive, but is really more of a romantic. He has a strong desire to do good in the world and believes strongly in chivalry. This often puts him at odds with Lord Commander Hawkborne's pragmatic approach, but Kristoff is eager to learn Rasper's ways and use them as another tool in his chest. He fights with a sword and wears a feathered cap, mimicking the bard Elysian in dress.


  1. Kristoff is a transliteration of his Bullywug name. There is some debate over which Common approximation is most accurate, but Kristoff himself has no preference and will usually respond to most variations. Other popular variations include Christof, Christoph, Christophe, and Kristof. For the sake of consistency, we will be using the 'Kristoff' variation on this wiki.