Kingdom of Carmél
Kingdom of Carmél flag
Flag of the Kingdom of Carmél
Kingdom of Carmél with regions separated by color
Vital statistics
Biome Unknown
Location Aeron
Inhabitants Humans, Bullywugs, Dwarves

Overview Edit

The Kingdom of Carmél is a monarchy based in Raventop ruled by House Carmél. It consists of several smaller regions that pay taxes and swear fealty to the king. Those regions are: Aero, the Mammoth Mountains, Marais, Neavaux, and Sherry.

History Edit

Prelude Edit

The War of Reds and Whites Edit

In 7251 AL, a war between great wineries Vineman and Griffinrose broke out in the Sherry region over trade rights that quickly consumed much of the region. House Carmél, another winemaking house, took up arms against house Raven in retribution of perceived slights. Hoping to gain a powerful ally against the Vinemans, Griffinrose pledged support to House Carmél in their war. Carmél would win the war in 7261 AL, cementing the house as the major power in the region.

Conquest of Aeron Edit

March of Destiny Edit

Following the victory over the Ravens, house Carmél, rather than transitioning it's war-based economy into a more peaceful one, decided to continue conquesting north and west beginning a 1,100 year war that would last for generations known as the Conquest of Aeron. Each city and town that fell to the machine of war and pledged fealty to the Carméls would add to their overall strength. In this way he would conquer the loose collection of Maraish tribes, the Sherrymen, and Mammoth Lords.

Coronation of Carmél Edit

Naming himself King, Jaqutavius Carmél I (named for the elven hero-king), ascended the throne and selected Raventop as his seat in 8,308 AL. He then named houses loyal to him to governing positions (Ent of the East, Mammoth of the Mountains, Snake of the Swamp) as a way to honor and reward those houses most influential to his success, or to keep already revered leaders in power.

Regional Governors Edit

The four regional governors are the second most highest-ranking officials in the Kingdom of Carmél. The governor position is given to the current head of the primary house for each region (Houses Easter, Griffinrose, Nostromo, and Sylvant). The governor of the new territories of Neavaux is a new title and is regarded as a less-honerable, less-rewarding appointment that was created to address the exploration and colonization of the northern frontier.

Ent of the East

Lord of the Sherry

Mammoth of the Mountains

Snake of the Swamp

Wight of the Wastes

Today Edit

The Kingdom balance on an uneasy peace, with ancient rivals vying for power. As elves fade into obscurity the world looks to Aero and the Kingdoms to lead the world in these coming times.

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