Terratotem Elves go through an elaborate courting and marriage ritual. When the couple decides to "become one" the village makes a Marriage Shawl. This is made with both elaborate sewing and magic techniques. The shawl is then wrapped around two trees for the duration of the ceremony. The ceremony lasts anywhere from two to five years. During this time the village throws various feasts and balls. The immediate family performs religious rituals and meditations. At the end of the ceremony the shawl should be rather deteriorated and what has not been taken off by nature is removed by the two courting elves. If the trees have twisted around one other to become one tree, it is known that the Hexogram has smiled upon the joining and the couple shall live out their days blessed. If the trees have not, the couple is expected to part ways, but some choose to "live in sin" with their trees separated.

The Marriage Tree reflects each individual in its halves. When one spouse ails, one tree ails, when the elves are scarred, the trees are scarred and so on. Duarbores Nitere'Uni's half of her Marriage Tree was dying from the years of 9968 AL to 10014 AL.