Jaime Something
Jamie lower third
Jaime Something
Vital statistics
Race Half-Elf
Location Marinton
Age 36
Status Alive
House Affiliation House Demarin
Parent Lavendarius'ka Genesarose'roh XII
Spouse None
Children None
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Early Years Edit

Birth Year 1978 AL

Born in the frosty city of Espervald, a township of Friezenbaum, to Elvish Researcher Lavendarius'ka Genesarose'roh XII (Darius) and Genevieve Schönblume. He also has a "sister" Lavendarius'ka Genesarose'roh XIII (Rose), actually Darius' shadow.

Rose is her "father's" shadow, a prestigious honor in Elven culture; Jaime has never thought he was good enough for his father.

On a faithful night in 2010 AL, a band of miscreants abducted his mother and sister, citing Darius' work to be foul and inhumane. In an attempt to save them, Jaime snuck into where they where being imprisoned, only to be confronted by the ruffians. Jaime was was tortured and beaten and left for dead. As punishment for his sins, his mother was killed. Darius to this day blames Jaime for the blame the death of Genevieve.

Jaime was desperate to save Rose from the ruffians, and ,in this time of susceptibility, gave in to the culling contracts of The Mother. She bestowed upon him the powers of the Winter Fae, including powers over frost and illusion. With these newly obtained powers, Jaime was able to bust into the hideout of the ruffians and retrieve his near-dead sister, even though he did so by moralistically questionable means.

Further disgusted by his action, Darius took Rose and left Espervald to escape Jaime and continue his research into the Elven immortality issue.

Jaime left soon after he found that they had left in hopes to prove himself to his father and get back in his good graces, and thusly his heart.


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