Camel up close
Mighty Nodish Camel
Vital statistics
Race Camel
Location Nod
Age 39
Status Surly
House Affiliation None
Title Hardspit, Son of the Humped and Strider of Dunes
Parent Zal'dok The Humped (Father) Sairi of Cyrax (Mother)
Spouse None
Children Many
Physical attributes
Height 7'3"
Weight 1173 lbs

A Nodish Camel of impressive size, strength and spit distance, Horatio was among the mounts gifted to the party by Shang Tok to aid in their search for the Basilisk Rose. He was charged with bearing Vel across the desert, and they quickly became fast friends, with Vel bestowing the name Horatio on him.

After the recovery of the Basilisk Rose from the Cult of Xiathenia, Horatio was again called on to traverse the sands with his new friends, returning to the estate of Shang Tok.

When Rasper refused to ride in one of Tok's palanquins on the journey to Nod, Horatio Graciously allowed him to be borne there on his back.