History Edit

Half-Breed Island is an island in the chain known as the Steps, located east of Aeron, that has been colonized by various mixed-race peoples (Half-Elves, Half-Ogres, etc.). It was founded by Franklin Willet in 10,014 AL shortly after the Battle for Marinton on his way returning from selling Garais Fletcher into slavery. He sent out word to the major cities that any and all half-breeds (and only half-breeds) would be accepted to live there, and given free land in the colonies in exchange for joining the fledgling community and taming the island. In the Month of Cups 10,015 AL, a new group of recruits arrived by ship and were tasked with a mission...

In the Ranch Timeline Edit

Half-Breed Island is an island getaway for all Half-Breed people to escape persecution from others. Not only has the island been populated and thriving by the year 10,015 AL but the island has actually become an extremely popular tourist attraction. Picture Disney World (Timeline 001) like castles and attractions where half Trolls are pushing mine-cart rides, and and "It's a Vel World" is sung by groups of Delfs (Dwarf-Elves, both tall elf-like bearded men/women, and short stocky aristocratic baby faced men/women). Half-Breed Island has become so well known that even sports figures and pit fighters alike, when being interviewed after a victory, can be heard saying: "I'm Going to Half Breed Island"!