Gregory Nostromo
Vital statistics
Race Human
Location Marinton
Age 24
Status Alive
House Affiliation None
Title Heir to the Mammoth Mountains
Parent Ülfen Nostromo
Spouse Christine Nostromo
Children None
Physical attributes
Height 6'1"
Weight 200 lbs

Gregory Nostromo is the son of Lord Ulfen Nostromo and the heir to Ölengrad. He is married to Christine (née Demarin) Nostromo. The two of them are living in Marinton overseeing its reconstruction.

History Edit

Gregory Nostromo was born 9991 AL to Ulfen Nostromo, Mammoth of the Mountains. Quickly, he was betrothed, without his knowledge, to Christine Demarin in an attempt by their fathers to forge an alliance against Damian Easter. After Demarin's Folly, however, and the disappearance of House Demarin, this betrothal was thrown into question.

9991 AL - 10,014 AL Edit

Gregory was schooled in Aeron customs, and studied at the newly re-opened Master Dag's School of Axery under Master Dag himself, becoming quite proficient with a greataxe.


Gregory then met Christine Demarin in Ölengrad after she had been discovered in Easterton, learning of his betrothal moments after meeting her. He told Christine that he needed time to think about the prospect and asked for her help fighting the Cold Iron Wars against the fey. Gregory fought along side the party at the Battle of Bunford Pass and at the Battle of Eisenschmide.

D&D Wedding Edit

Christine and Gregory were married 10,014 AL by Sven Rötekloster. The ceremony was interrupted by the Procurer in an attempt to apprehend Rasper Hawkborne, and Gregory helped defeat the invading robot.

Shadow Invasion of Marinton Edit

After the wedding, Gregory accompanied Christine to Marinton to recapture it from Garais Fletcher, who had invaded the city. He remained with Christine in Marinton to aid with the rebuilding of the city.

Sands of Ceraxis Edit

After Christine went missing, Gregory began searching for his wife.