The Gnoll are a nomadic race of humanoid hyena-like creatures that live in the north badlands north of Nod territory, called the Gnollway. They are known for their extreme aggression and competitive tribal culture that spurs in-fighting between Gnoll factions. It's for this reason that the Gnoll are considered primal in nature and why they only posses primitive technology, except that which is traded or captured from outsiders.

Gnoll Timekeeping Edit

The Gnoll calendar is dictated by one-month moon cycles, with each new moon having a unique name. The moon and other celestial objects play an important roll in Gnoll culture. The Gnoll themselves derive their surnames from the moon of their birth.

Gnoll Traditions Edit

A key coming to age ceremony is the Kadesh Ta'mrah, where young Gnoll children become adults and are cast out of society for 25 moons as a rite of passage.

Half-Gnoll Offspring Edit

While human-Gnoll mating isn't uncommon, only 1/25 Half-Gnoll offspring survive to adulthood, either due to genetic deformity or more commonly through banishment or outright murder. The Gnoll consider Half-Gnoll to be runts at best and un-pure abominations at worst. Despite the low survival rate into adulthood, Half-Gnoll do exist in small numbers throughout Ceraxis, usually as lone wanderers.

Kasif A'sora was one of the first Half-Gnull to establish a Half-Gnull reservation on Half Breed Island.