Garais Fletcher
Vital statistics
Race Human
Location Unknown
Age 52
Status Unknown
House Affiliation None
Title None
Parent Markus Flerch
Spouse None
Children None
Physical attributes
Height 6'0
Weight 170 lbs
Garais Fletcher is a Black Arrow Syndicate member, former Master of the Dark.

History Edit

Garais Fletcher, the son of Marcus Flurch, was born in Easterton. Being the son of the Grand Arrow of the Syndicate, he quickly rose to a high position within the Black Arrow Syndicate, working often with Rasper Hawkborne. At some point, Garais Fletcher and Darius Easter, then the son of the current Lord, hatched a plan to move the syndicate in a different direction, with Garais at the helm. This lead to the Black Arrow Massacre, of which Rasper was the only surviving member of, leaving him a wanted man. Easter, once made lord following his father's mysterious death, allowed the syndicate to operate with unprecedented openness, and began stepping up production of the drug Bliss.

In Threshold Edit

Garais was first seen by the party in Easterton, working as the Master of Shadows for Darius Easter. He threatened the party, promising to get the best of them. He was apprehended in Marinton by Rasper Hawkborne after holding the city hostage in an apparent exchange for Rasper. Rasper was then taken by Franklin Willet to Ceraxis where he was sold into slavery under ownership of the Karvain family.

Garais seduced his new owner and again rose up through the ranks of Karvain family holdings, taking charge of the protection of Nodish steel smith Angzy. When the party freed the smith, Garais fought to stop them with the help of "The Crusher" (a local pit fighter), but was overpowered. He was locked in the basement of Shang Tok's ruined mansion until he was set loose by Gregory Nostromo, Two-Shots, Kristoff Bullywug, and the Procurer. His current whereabouts are unknown.