Fullangr Jernsmed
Fullangr Jernsmed
Vital statistics
Race Dwarf
Location Unknown
Age 42
Status Unknown
House Affiliation None
Title Commader
Parent Morgrim Jernsmed
Spouse None
Children None
Physical attributes
Height 4'5"
Weight 179 lb

Biography Edit

A noble from the house of Jernsmed, he was born into privilege but as the fourth son. As his brothers were sent to the important positions, he was allowed a little more leeway and joined a bardic school as to improve the stale reputation of his house. At the onset of the Cold Iron Wars, Fullangr was out playing for a private gathering and ran panicking with everybody else. When they stopped, Bilskirner, his home city had fallen and he was tasked with protecting the rear and keeping up morale. Thus Fullangr lost both his pride, his family, and his home.