The Four Elemental Gods are members of the Ceraxian Pantheon, created by the god-hero Tantarus from the corpse of Tiamat. They are called Frit, Auk, Aer, and Terr, and have dominion over fire, water, air and earth respectively. Upon their creation the four gods bound each other to an accord of balance, scrawled on the scaled corpse of Tiamat. This accord holds the four to respect the domains of their brothers and sisters.

Frit Edit

Created from the soul of Tiamat, Frit is the tiger-sphinx goddess of Fire and Artifice. She is worshiped across Punja and Gigaplax, but especially in the city of Nod and the outlying areas. She is said to hold court at the center of the City of Brass on the Elemental Plane of Fire.

Auk Edit

Auk is the leopard-sphinx of Water. She is worshiped mostly in Paq and occasionally across Punja, Gigaplax, and various port cities. She is believed to dwell in the Elemental Plane of Water.

Aer Edit

Aer is the sphinx of Air.

Terr Edit

Terr is the lion-sphinx of Earth.