Duarbores Crescere'Uni (Cres)
Art by Derek C of Irrational Comics
Vital statistics
Race Wood Elf
Location Galn
Age 277
Status Alive
House Affiliation None
Title Wolfmaster, Hermit of Galn
Parent Nebarren Fluentaquam and Galerial Fluentaquam
Spouse Duarbores Nitere'Uni (Nit)
Children None
Physical attributes
Height 6'1
Weight 172 lbs.

Biography Edit

Duarbores Crescere'Uni is the son of Terratoem parents Nebarren Fluentaquam and Galerial Fluentaquam born 9,737 AL in the village of Galn. He has lived in The Homeland for the first 277 years of his life and has never strayed far from Galn.

Before Moonlight Edit

Childhood Edit

Duarbores Crescere had a fairly uneventful childhood in Galn, attending The Festival of Moonberries every year, playing in the trees, and avoiding elven girls. Cres found the prospect of joining the temple boring and spent more and more time in the forests and jungles of Galn eventually leading his parents to apprentice him to Master Tellus Ter'Venari, Chief of the Tree.

Training under Tellus Ter'Venari Edit

It was during this time Cres came into his own. He learned the skills of a tracker and began to bond with nature. He took up the tenants of the Librean Creed: "Never destroy wantonly, take greedily, or kill uselessly," and befriended many animals. Crescere and Boquil, a local lynx, formed a strong bond and helped each other through his apprenticeship and adolescence. As a compromise to his father, Cres steers his path towards that of a druid, while it is not a cleric as his father wished, it fits Cres well.

Courtship and Marriage with Nitere Edit

Crescere courted Floreo'ignis Nitere throughout their elven adolescence. They underwent a Joining Ceremony in 9,960 AL becoming Duarbores Crescere'Uni and Duarbores Nitere'Uni. At the conclusion of their joining ceremony, Nitere presented Cres with a staff grown fully from a living tree. This artifact of immense rarity shocked Cres and he carried it with him since receiving it. Cres and Nitere lived happily for roughly 8 years until, in the winter of 9,968 AL, Nit went missing and her half of their marriage tree began to wither and wilt.

Crescere's Seclusion Edit

After his wife's disappearance, Cres secluded himself fully to the jungles south of Galn coming to town less and less. During this time Boquil died of old age and Cres found his only companion to be his staff, which he talked to and lovingly named Tacit. Over 46 years, Cres searched for his wife countless times and gave up countless others. He bonded with nature a great deal, but drifted far from civilization.

Moonlight Saga Edit

Cres was awakened by a disturbing dream and given orders by some Celestial Being to stop the Cruor Potentia. Nitere's half of the marriage tree has began to sprout again, so he resolved to end his seclusion and journey to the nearest city.

His story is told in full in Seasons 1 and 2 of Threshold Moonlight by StudioLT3.

Metagame Information Edit

Crescere is played by Tom He was conceptualized alongside watching Threshold Season One and more fully developed with a "Zero Level Session" as conceived in this thread.

His story is currently on hold as the StudioLT3 crews journeys to the Ceraxian Sands for Threshold Sunlight!