Deepwood Hovel is a former way station in the Deepwoods on the road between Marinton and Easterton. It is frequently used as a half-way point for travelers between the cities listed above and when the Ent of the East travels to Eagleman's Lodge to the south. Recently, however, it has been converted into a Bliss factory, supplying the drug to the region.

It is currently closed to the public by order of Lord Easter and a front for Black Arrow Syndicate Bliss production.

Construction Edit

Deepwood Hovel is little more than three rooms: a prison cell, a sleeping quarter, and currently a bliss production/bottling room. The rear of the fort faces a river and a small loading dock is built for loading supplies onto river boats.


The Threshold Party arrived at Deepwood Hovel on their way to Easterton. After investigating the sign, the party discovered that the station was being used to manufacture the street drug Bliss. After defeating two Noddish Fleshsearers and questioning a shopkeeper, the heroes left the hovel before more Black Arrow Syndicate men could arrive, but not before Vel, detecting a necromantic aura around the drug, destroyed the already produced Bliss at the hovel.