Damian Morningstar
Vital statistics
Race Human
Location Nexus Tear
Age 29
Status Alive
House Affiliation None
Title Greatest Thief in the World
Parent Unknown
Spouse None
Children None
Physical attributes
Height 6'2
Weight 190 lbs

Damian Morningstar is a human rogue, born in Easterton in 1986 AL. He wanted to become the greatest thief in the world. He was arrested in 2012 AL for jewel thievery in Easterton and jailed after having his hand removed.

Ranch Timeline Edit

In the Ranch Timeline, Damian was present in the Weeping Trout when Christine Demarin was planning to confront Mayor Priss. He broke into Jamie Something's room, and after trying to take his raven pendant, tried to convince the party that the other members were untrustworthy, and the bar patrons that the party was up to no good. He then set off in front of Christine, Jamie, and Vel to scope out the mayor's castle. He was unable to scale the walls, so returned. He then travels with the party to the castle, but after gaining entrance with Christine, Damian sprinted into the castle to confront the Mayor on his own. Priss fled to a nearby ranch before being apprehended. The party, with Damian, then traveled to Easterton to have the mayor punished for raising taxes on water.

Sometime in the future, Damian, Christine, and Vel are a band of thieves outside of Zirathane. He encountered Rasper Hawkborne (004) outside of Zirathane shortly after he was transported to the Ranch Timeline. He was knocked out cold by Rasper and was returned to the group's base by Christine.