Inner Planes Edit

Ethereal Basin Edit

The Ethereal Basin is the stuff that the material planes are made of and it, in fact, has the material planes resting upon it, and intersecting it. Souls that have tried to return to the material planes, rather than face judgement on Limbo, find themselves on the Ethereal Plane.

The Universe

A Map of the Planes

Material Bubbles Edit

Floating on, and within the Ethereal Basin, are the Material Planes. Infinitely many, and always changing, new planes are just as likely to split off from each other, merge together, or pop completely, creating or destroying a new universe, complete with its own set of rules. Two planes may be identical, save for one tiny change, or they may be so radically different that it is impossible to compare the two.

Planar Wall Edit

The Ethereal Basin and the Material Planes are contained within the Planar Wall, that holds them together and separates them from the other planes. This is the barrier that powerful magic is required to break in order for the living to visit the planes beyond.

The Elemental Ring Edit

The primal essence of the four elements that make up the Material Planes are contained on the Elemental Ring. The ring is divided into four sections, Frit, Auk, Aeo, and Terr, representing Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. Great Elemental civilizations are on these rings, including the famed City of Brass. Between Frit and Aeo rests the Bridge of Souls.

Astral Sea Edit

Lapping at the shore of the elemental Rings is the Astral Sea, a great sea of Astral energy that can be crossed to the Outer Planes by thinking. There are many races and people that travel the Astral Sea, and when we dream we are said to float along it.

Outer Planes Edit

The Journey of Souls Edit

Bridge of Souls Edit

When a mortal soul dies, it finds itself beyond the Planar Wall at the Bridge of Souls. It crosses the Bridge, usually waiting in line, to Limbo to be judged.

Limbo Edit

Once on the Isle of Limbo, the Soul is judged, and is sent to either Paradise or Hell. They board a ferry that will transport them across the Astral Sea to their final resting place.

Paradise Edit

Paradise, as it's name suggests, is a plane of perfection and good. Souls there are given second life, forever living in harmony with nature and each other.

Hell Edit

The great pit of Hell serves as the center for punishment for the souls deemed evil. They become disgusting Lemures and enter the endless hierarchy of Devil-kind.

Mechanus Edit

The Plane of Law, where the Procurer comes from. A place or complete order; a vast city of machines, clicking and whirring, attempting to bring order to the chaotic universe.