Vital statistics
Race Red Dragon
Location Unknown
Age 2495
Status Alive
House Affiliation None
Title None
Parent Unknown
Spouse None
Children None
Physical attributes
Height 60'
Weight Unknown


Clarathax took in Tori Osulax when, following his flight from the Orix Blooddome, he arrived in the city of Nod. Impressed by his magical gift, Clarathax fell in love with Osulax and allowed him to live with her. When Osulax fell in love with the cleric Beathoth, Clarathax was devastated.

When the Threshold party arrived in her cave, having followed Vel's tracking of Osulax's magic, Clarathax prepared a Fair-Day Goose and informed the party that she would tell them all about Osulax if they could out-riddle her, or show her a good time. Discovering Vel's identity as the "Exaltis Populi" Clarathax became smitten with the young elf. Whether Vel returns her sentiment is unknown. She informed the party of Osulax's goals and ideals, before forbidding them, save for Vel, from ever coming again to bother her.