Vital statistics
Biome Desert, Grassland, Mountains, Dead-Magic Zone
Location Eastern Reach of the Imperium
Inhabitants Humans, Orcix, Gnoll, Goblin

Ceraxis is the continent on the eastern edge of the Reach of the Imperium. It is divided into Upper and Lower Ceraxis Sub-Continents, with Humans, Gnolls and Goblins on the upper, and Humans and Orcs on the lower. Ceraxis is the origin of humans and site of the first human civilizations.

Today Edit

The continent is split between several nations: Punja and Gigaplax (human territories), a Gnoll-Controlled desert, the Orcix Lands, and the Broken Kingdoms. The continent stretches on, but few expeditions are able to cross or sail around the dessert of the Gnollway.

History Edit

Year of the Imperial Calendar Ceraxis
-5000 QAHumans appear in the world on the continent of Ceraxis
-4900 QAHuman invent writing on Ceraxis. Human-Imperium Wars Begin when Elven colonists are killed by territorial Muh’Shüns.
-4800 QA
-4700 QAHuman City State Muh’Shü is formed, under direction from Muh'Shü, a warlord who declares himself a God-King, becoming insular and totalitarian.
-4680 QAHuman City State Tia Jhon is founded: a peaceful culture, without weapons or understanding of war. They worship the god of their river, a gentle, bull-headed man named Jhon.
-4660 QAHuman City State Gigaplax is founded in the hills and mountains south of the Jhon River Valley. They worship the wind Sphinx Aeo, and Gigaplax is considered the birthplace of the modern Sphinx religions.
-4655 QAThe story of the Tantarus and Tiamat is written in the poem History of Creation by the poet Way’Share Kop; worship of Tartarus and the Sphinxes spreads throughout the region.
-4640 QAMay’Fajar in Muh'Shü institutes the Fajar Law, placing many restrictions on the Muh’Shü people.
-4600 QAHuman-Imperium Wars End. Andro-Elven Accords are signed.
-4570 QATemple to Tartarus is completed in Tia Jhon, the largest temple ever constructed at the time.
-4550 QAMernix, the first human wizard, arives at the academy in the Homeland.
-4500 QATia Jhon prospers as Muh'Shü withers; satirist Wai’Fayer publishes My Time as a God in Tia Jhon as a parody of Fajar Law.
-4400 QAHuman City Paqk is founded up river by Muh’Shün pacifists, exiled for their desire to remain peaceful with Tia Jhon.
-4399 QASculptor Wuh’Küp creates The Slaying of Tiamat outside the Temple of May’Tartarus
-4380 QAMuh’Shü attacks Tia Jhon under the direction of May’Punja. Muh’Shü wins in a slaughter, beginning the Shü Empire, also called Punja. Tia Jhonians are enslaved, beginning slavery on the continent; Temple to Tartarus is converted to a temple to Shü.
-4330 QAHuman City of Nod is founded, based on metal working, in an area unreachable by marching armies.
-4320 QAHuman City-State Xiathan is founded by Gigaplaxians, now down from the mountains, worshiping the Sphinx Terr. The cities remain allied by religion.
-4200 QAthe Great Temple to Aeo is built in Gigaplax, considered to be one of the Wonders of the Ancient World.
-4100 QANod adopts the Gigaplaxian Sphinx goddess Frit after frequent trade across the bay, inviting her into their great forge; The Great Forge becomes the largest temple to Frit in the world, and a center for craftsmen everywhere.
-4050 QAThe first contact between the Orcix and Humans. Orix traders arrive in Xiathan. Xiathenian officials refuse to allow them to enter the gates, declaring them “agents of nothing.”
-4035 QAPunja continues expansion, attacking Gigaplax. Xiathan, and Nod come to the aid of their fellow Sphinx Nation. The war, called the War of the World, engulfs all of humanity. So many are killed, the bay is renamed the Bay of Blood.
-4025 QAOrcix invaders attack Xiathan, but too late to aid Muh’Shü.
-4000 QAPunja retreats, defeated, and suffers a major collapse due to the strain on the already withering economy.
-3990 QAXiathan falls to the Orcix.
-3800 QAThe Isle Abraxis vanishes off the coast of Punja, leaving no trace.
-3700 QAThe city Zür in former central Punja, along the Nor’Muh’Ver River begins worship of Lunam; is renamed Lunaria.
-3600 QAKai’Rit Shara is granted incredible strength by the Goddess Terr, and is able to begin rebuilding the city of Xiathan.
-3570 QAKai'Rit Shara is denied queenship of newly-rebuilt Xiathan; usurped by Kay’Baing Xo. Xiathan flourishes and expands influence in the region.
-3500 QALunaria’s influence spreads to much of former Punja (Paqk and Tia Jhon); Muh’Shü remains independent.
-3420 QALunaria and Muh’Shü go to war.
-3400 QASteelmakers in Nod develop a new forging process which will become known as Nodish Steel.
-3300 QAXiathan and Orcix Nmwoulax Clan leaders form an alliance; form the nation of Territia, extending down Lower Ceraxis to Hi-Sur, up to and including Gigaplax, north of the Boon River.
-3275 QATia Jhon revolts from Lunaria, aiding Muh’Shü, and restoring worship of their ancient Jhon deity.
-3225 QATia Jhon and Muh’Shü are victorious against Lunaria; faith in Lunam is greatly shaken
-3150 QALunaria collapses as their faith collapses. The High Priest is cast down from the Ziggurat in Lunaria.
-3000 QAXiathan falls to Orcix raiders, taking Territia with it.
-2500 QAGigaplax hosts a conference of Sphinx-aligned cities, called the Gathering of Three. Nod, Gigaplax, and Xiathan agree to align into a single nation, called Gigaplaxia after the nation that hosted the conference.
-2400 QAMuh’Ftag rises to power in Tia Jhon; claims the valley region, calling it the Imperium of Man; begins work to become immortal.
-2370 QAMuh’Ftag institutes brutal policies across the region, outlawing many forms of worship.
-2360 QAThe Imperium of Man tries to extend its borders out against Nod and Gigaplax.
-2320 QAHeros from Gigaplaxia depart to defeat Muh’Ftag from gaining his immortality; they strike him down.
-2315 QAGigaplaxia absorbs the Imperium of Man; Gigaplax controls the entire bay, beginning the period of Imperial Gigaplaxia.
-2288 QATia Jhon is converted to worship of Auk after many bloody revolutions.
-2200 QAWizard May’Targ is the first to complete planar travel.
-2000 QAImperial Gigaplaxia declines because of widespread corruption at its highest political levels. Kay’Orb the Redeemer vows to dismantle the ailing empire into more manageable parts.
-1990 QAImperial Gigaplax is disbanded along historical divisions of Punja and Gigaplax.
-1000 QATia Jhon witnesses a Night of a Thousand Blasts great naval battle in the bay as great explosions rock two massive vessels.
-150 QAKuh’Rayep the Conqueror begins his conquest from Xiathane
-125 QAKuh'Rayep conquerors Gigaplax, followed by Tia Jhon and Muh’Shü.
-100 QAKuh'Rayep conquerors Nod, unifying the coast, beginning the Oceanic Empire, or Oceania.
-33 QAAh Dahm is born in Nod, Oceania
0 ALAh Dahm self-imolates.
300 ALKuh'Restatok the Flamekissed Kuh’Restatok converts to worship of Ah Dham
500 ALShreiking Sickness first recorded in Xiathan
600 ALShreiking Sickness Decimates human population in Oceania
650 ALOceanic Empire collapses, erupting in civil war.
670 ALThree states emerge from the civil war: Nu’Punja, Nu’Oceania, and the Independant Nation of Nod.
800 ALThe Gold Dragon Abraxian arrives in Tia Jhon; vows to rebuild the Oceania, now called Abraxia
857 ALAbraxian creates economic policies designed to develop economic prosperity. Great public works are developed, vastly improving the lives of the people, many taking several generations to complete; life if Abraxia is the envy of the world
900 ALNu’Oceania joins Abraxia
935 ALNod joins Abraxia
1200 ALOzydaxus departs from Nod
1272 ALAerop family revolts from Gigaplax, sparking the Aerop War
1300 AL Abraxian exiles the Aerop family to the far continent later to be called Aeron.
1300 AL The Pyramid to Ozydaxus is constructed in Nod to mark the 100th anniversary of his voyage.
1800 ALAbraxian announces the new year with the promise of a new technology that will change the world. A massive contingency of Birdmen arrive, battling Abraxian and the Abraxian army for three days, killing the ancient Dragon before mysteriously departing.
1802 ALAbraxia collapses as his lieutenants battle to claim the throne; Abraxia splits up into several smaller states.
1818 ALAbraxia invaded by Orcix invaders.
1877 ALAbraxian Empire dissolves.
1907 ALNod, Tia Jhon, Xiathane, and Gigaplax hold a conference in Gigaplax to negotiate a reestablishment of a Sphinx Nation; Sphinx Gigaplaxia is reformed
2014 ALThe light of the Ruined Pyramid at Lunaria is mysteriously lit
2015 ALThe city of Nod is terrorized by Orix bloodmage Tori Osulax; the Pyramid to Ozzydaxus is destroyed; wealthy merchant Shang Tok is murdered during the chaos.|}