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The Leaders Of The Stone Table Edit

  • Tourek Trinsgroth, The General
  • Adrichk Vistroph, Representative of the Crystal Conclave
  • Gregory Nostromo, Representative of Ölengrad and the Nostromo Family
  • Ulfrick Steinfaust, Advisor to Tourek Trinsgroth

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Orcix LandsEdit

  • Tori Osulax, Orcix Bloodmage
  • The Brass Judgement brothers, twin half-orc brothers
    • Abstrak, a half-orc sorcerer with mysterious powers, possibly drawn from a brass dragon
    • Cor, a half-orc paladin focused on protecting and bringing justice for the weak.

Paq Edit

  • Philana, Captain in the Hoplon Battalion
  • Dunkorgg and the Warriors Three
  • Snoots, receptionist at The Trout Master

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  • Captain Brocc Scheppen
  • Shirtless Bill, Retainer and Cook
  • Stormraven's Retainers, Sailors

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  • Celdoranis Cethlevrienyr, "Celdoran," Elf warrior and Tarian's squire
  • Kip, "His Exalted Eminence, Highest of the High, Lord Beneath the Trees," Faerie Dragon

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  • Faeranorettis Winsongerian, "Faeranore," Sorceress

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  • Eovard Thane, Lord

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  • Eolynn Thane, Governor, Eovard's sister

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