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Bullywugs are a sentient amphibious-race that closely resemble standing frogs, native to the Aeron Continent. While some bullywug villages still exist, (such as Bullybog), bullywugs have mostly integrated into human settlements throughout the Aero and Marais regions. Bullywugs are often considered a lesser race by humans often being forced to take the least desirable jobs and livelihoods.

Three subspecies of Bullywug exist on the Aeron Continent, Northern, Western, and Southern Bullywug. The Northern Bullywugs live in the area of Easterton and further north while the Southern Bullywugs inhabit the areas around Zirathane, Bullybog and further south into the Sherry region. The main differences being that Southern have horizontally elongated pupils while Northerns have vertical pupils. As a result of the different eye structure, Northern Bullywugs can be born with a sensitivity to sunlight. Western, sometimes called Maraish Bullywugs, live in the Maraish swamps, with a distinct religious practice of their own, known as the Wug-Wug. Maraish Bullywugs tend to be greyer in complexion than green.

Notable Bullywugs Edit