Aeron Map
Map of Aeron
Vital statistics
Biome Temperate, Swamp, Mountain
Location Northern Reach of the Imperium
Inhabitants Humans, Bullywugs, Dwarves

Overview Edit

Aeron is the northwestern most continent in the Reach of the Imperium, west of Ceraxis and north of the Homeland. It is currently controlled by House Carmél and is collectively known as the Kingdom of Carmél.

History Edit

Originally inhabited by Bullywugs, and eventually subterranean Dwarves, the Aeron continent was colonized by humans from Ceraxis around the year 2,000 AL. Landing in Zirathane, early humans spread to the entire accessible peninsula.

Year of Elvish Calendar Event
5500 QAElves build cities in future Sherry region, and Aerowood.
5000 QAElves clash with native Bullywugs
4800 QASome Bullywugs convert to Elven religion; integrate into society on Aeron
4680 QAA great cataclysm occurs in Elvish Aeron Colonies; Elves flee their cities, leaving Bullywugs to fate
1100 ALBullywugs begin building the Geewuh Civilization, following Geewuh Buw and his plan for “the world, a swamp”.
1300 ALFirst Humans Land on Aeron; Clash with Bullywug Natives
1325 ALZirathane is founded
1330 ALGeewuh Buw V is executed by Rasper Aero, ending the Geewuh Civilization
1340 ALÖlengrad is founded.
1400 ALAeroton is Founded
1450 ALWar of the Mammoth Lords begin over territory and clan leadership.
1490 ALAll other Mammoth Lords submit to Goldtusk Nostromo, ending the war.
1500 ALÁtolitus of Marin swears his oath, founding Marinton
1510 ALThe Roost is built
1550 ALThe Kingdom of Aero is established with Aeroton as its seat
1600 ALLittleton, an island populated by halflings, is discovered by Sailors.
1640 ALPete Nostromo, a six year old, is placed on the Ivory Throne after his father is killed in a raid.
1640 ALSherryton is settled in the south.
1642 ALHouse Nostromo is nearly decimated after House Hightop rebels in the Red Snow Incident. House Hightop takes control of the Ivory Throne
1680 ALHouse Aero engages with barbaric clansmen to the south-west in land disputes
1687 ALChevaliers de la Côte Sud are formed in Sherry to defend the settlers against the barbaric clansmen in the west.
1732 ALHouse Nostromo rises to reclaim the Ivory Throne as the North rallies to them.
1760 ALHouse Nostromo pushes south into the Whitewood beginning the War of Wood and Snow against the Kingdom of Aero
1762 ALHouse Nostromo Claims the Whitewood, moves into Deepwood and Aerowood.
1780 ALElves overthrow Government in Sherryton; Imperium Period Begins in Sherry
1790 ALEarliest Maraish Settlements Appear
1790 ALHouse Nostromo is stopped at Marinton, the Winter Siege of the Night Tower lasts twenty-three moon cycles. Nostromo retreats to the north.
1800 ALAnnexation of Marycageville, Marais by Imperial Sherry
1802 ALThe War of the South begins between Imperial and Sherry-Maraish Forces
1818 ALGriffinrose Winery opens in and around Sherryton
1820 ALImperial Governors Agree to Depart Sherry, ending the Imperium’s Occupation and the War of the South
1826 ALHouse Vineman Opens its Winery
1850 ALMarais Clansmen unify under a powerful wizard: Blackheart the Undying
1900 ALSherrymen march to War against Blackheart the Undying, beginning a conflict that will become known as the Triumph of the Light
1901 ALThe Triumph of the Light. Marias is once again fractured into Family-Clans
1919 ALThe War of Reds and Whites begins between Griffinrose and Vineman
1921 ALDuring the Siege of Raventop, the bard Elysian rallies the troops with Oh, Sherrywine, giving the song legendary status.
1929 ALHouse Carmél is victorious in the War of Reds and Whites, raising them to new power.
1930 ALHouse Carmél launches an attack on the Aero; begins the War of Aeron Unification
1940 ALCoronation of King Carmél. The Mammoth Lords, Kingdom of Aero, Marais clans, and Sherrymen dissolve to form one nation.
1941 ALHouse Nostromo named Mammoth of the Mountains; House Aero named Ent of the East; House Griffinrose named Lord of the Sherry
1949 ALFormation of the X-men
1950 ALStart Date of the War of the Woods, marked by the withholding of Aero Taxes
1952 ALBattle of the Owl
1953 ALEnd Date of the War of the Woods, marked by the execution of the Aero family
1954 ALHouse Easter named Ent of the East, Aeroton is renamed Easterton
1965 ALRasper Hawkborne is born in Easterton;
1973Jamie Something is Born in Espervauld
1985 ALKing Carmél dies at age 82, leaving his son to rule
1994 ALChristine Demarin is born
2001 ALDemarin's Folly and the destruction of the Night Tower
2014 ALChristine Demarin appears before Damian Easter; is granted control of the Night Tower, despite her status as an unmarried woman; Christine marries Gregory Nostromo
2015 ALChristine Nostromo reveals Damian Easter as the Rakshasa Kumbhakarna. Easterton is given to the Soueasters