Aero in Green
Vital statistics
Biome Forest
Location Aeron
Inhabitants Humans, Bullywug

Aero is a providence in the Kingdom of Carmél. It spans from the central east coast of the continent all the way to the Western Wall Mountains, boarding Sherry to the south and the Mammoth Mountains to the North. Aero's climate is temperate, experiencing mild seasons. Primary exports include fish, lumber, and some stone. Aero's capital, Easterton, is ruled by the Ent of the East, currently Damian Easter.

History Edit

With Zirathane's founding in 3050 AL and Aeroton the following year, the earliest human settlements on the continent would become the Aero region. 3801 AL would mark the region's transformation into the Kingdom of Aero, and would remain as such until the coronation of King Carmél I, in 8,308 AL.

Major Families and Cities of Aero Edit